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Who We Are

Interexcel World Connection is a comprehensive digital technology and internet service provider based in Pretoria, offering VoIP, Connectivity and Linux Server Support services.

Our focus is to always provide a personal and professional service to clients and that vision has applied ever since we were established in April 2000. Producing high quality work has always been at the heart of our business, whilst upholding our company's stringent moral and ethical values.

IEWC strives to eliminate the view of low-quality, high-cost connectivity in South Africa and offer our clients what they pay for - honestly, swiftly and affordably.

Meet The Team

Jaco Kroon
Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer of IEWC, Jaco Kroon brings an unparalleled scope of technical expertise and a comprehensive grasp of programming, architecture and administration of the various services and products offered by the company. Jaco furthermore serves as CEO of Ultimate Linux Solutions, the overarching brand of which IEWC is a subsidiary. Jaco is accredited and proficient in various architectures and programming languages across the board.

His belief has always held that those who manage should have in-depth knowledge of each aspect of business and the technical expertise to interpret and manage not only decisive strategic choices, but to grasp and fulfil those minor business processes and problem-statements which many executive managers often see as negligible.

As such, Jaco is not only an avid participant in programming and maths olympiads, but also serves on the oversight committees for various initiatives of this kind.

Jan de Boer
Operations Manager

Chief Technical Officer, Jan de Boer, heads up the technical aspects of IEWC. He has a range of managerial experience across industries with an in-depth knowledge of network administration, software testing and tech support. This diverse background uniquely positions him to offer insights and guidance to his team not only from the top-down but through experiential insights and technical acumen which supports expedited problem-solving and the development of practical, user-oriented products and services.

As a people's person, he believes that synergy is established and maintained not only through a company's acute awareness and application of technical knowledge and product solutions, but through strategic and deliberate alignment and application of the unique skill sets, attributes and aptitudes of the people who make up the company.

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