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IEWC specialises in connecting South Africans with the world! In a market where consumers are used to sub-par services and exorbitant fees, IEWC is a breath of fresh air - offering you competitive rates, exceptional service delivery and world-class products to rival our local competitors.

We offer solutions for individuals, small businesses and corporates tailored to their needs. Whether you need high-speed internet solutions for your home, quality Voice-over-IP business solutions or advanced Linux server solutions - we can cater to your needs.

Internet Connectivity

IEWC offers a range of internet connectivity solutions tailored to your user needs, location, type of connection, budget and the speeds at which you require connectivity.

We offer solutions all over South Africa, so take a look at our rates and offering if you're looking for the best connectivity!

VoIP Solutions

Whether you require multiple extensions for your home, small business or large enterprise, IEWC offers the best solutions for your Voice-over-IP needs.

Our services are packaged based on the required extensions, security and recording needs as well as other specialised telephony needs.

Linux Server Solutions

For businesses with advanced networking needs, IEWC offers Linux server solutions with improved stability, security and flexibility to support your business.

This option is mostly aimed at larger corporates for advanced server needs.

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