Join the Golf-day Fundraiser to support Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners
May 27 2024

Support Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners at their upcoming fundraiser to help provide quality education for special needs children. Learn how you can contribute and make a difference.

About Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners

At Interexcel World Connection, we believe in supporting impactful causes, and the Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners is one such organisation deserving of our attention. This government-subsidised non-profit organisation, provides specialised education to children with cerebral palsy, but the subsidy alone is not enough. To meet the high costs of remedial and adaptive equipment necessary for these learners to thrive, the school relies heavily on fundraising events. By highlighting their efforts, we hope to raise awareness and support for their mission to help every student reach their full potential.

This dedicated institution works tirelessly to support learners with physical and developmental challenges, offering tailored educational approaches and multi-disciplinary team support. Their goal is to help students grow into independent young adults, fully equipped to reach their full potential and actively participate in their communities.

Cerebral palsy encompasses a range of conditions caused by damage to the developing brain, leading to various degrees of physical and developmental challenges. The extent and location of the brain injury determine the specific disabilities a learner might experience. Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners’ student body includes those with orthopedic handicaps such as Spina Bifida, brittle bone disease, and amputations.

Fundraiser Details

Join us Interexcel World Connection on the 31st of May 2024 at Pebble Rock Golf Village to help raise funds for Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners.

Pretoria School For Cerebral Palsied Learners are still in need of a couple of sponsors to make the day a success! Kindly contact the school at if you are interested in sponsoring.

Putting Green: R2000
Registration Area: R1500
1st and 10th Holes: R2500Short Holes: R1500
Par 4 & 5: R1000

Gather your golf buddies and join us for a fun-filled day!
4 Ball for R4000 and includes lunch, dinner and 2 golf carts!

Impact of Donations

Join us in making a difference! The Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners relies heavily on fundraising events to bridge the gap left by insufficient government subsidies. As a non-profit organisation, the school faces significant costs associated with providing specialised education. Your support through this fundraiser will have a profound impact, enabling the school to continue offering the high-quality, tailored education these remarkable students deserve.

Reach out to Pretoria School for Cerebral Palsied Learners for more information:
Telephone: +27 (0)12 323 4454

We hope to see you at Pebble Rock Golf Village on the 31st of May for an amazing Golf-day!

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