Protection of Minors

Interexcel World Connection strives to ensure the protection of children on the Internet. However, the most important part, trust in our child and their trust in us, can only be managed in our own homes.

Although we cannot safeguard minors from harm in the online sphere, we can provide parents and guardians with solutions which can improve security and allow you to control your child's internet environment.

Trusted applications and extensions

Interexcel World Connection advises that parents use the following websites, applications or extensions to safeguard their child online. We will revise this list on a regular basis.

A few things to keep in mind:

Safe Search Kids

Safe Search Kids is a search engine powered by Google SafeSearch which allows kids to search safely for information, images and videos. You can find it here:

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a premium feature which can be installed on all devices and features parental controls, pornography blocking, family feed, parent dashboard, internet filter, app blocking, website blocking, location tracking and screen time management.


Kidshield is a website which offers a variety of resources for parents around internet security and a range of links which parents can use for safe searching online.


Bark, unlike other links on this list, monitors social media and chat — something lacking from other applications or extensions. It can check for online activity, bullying or solicitation on more than 30 platforms, including Google, AOL, Facebook, Instagram, text messenger, YouTube, native image libraries, GDrive, gmail, DropBox, Skype, Reddit, Hangouts, Pinterest, TikTok, Spotify, Snapchat and more.

Unfortunately this is not a free service and payment plans are based in USD. It costs between R85 and R240 per month based on current exchange rates (Jul 2020), but is one of the few applications that covers social media.

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough is a non-profit organisation focused on providing parents with the latest news and resources around online security and exploitation of children.


Kiddle is one of the most used child-friendly search engines worldwide. It is powered by Google Safe Search and allows kids to search the web, Kpedia, images, news and videos safely and securely.

Kidz Search

Kidz Search is a website browser aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 13. The site offers safe searching of pics, facts, music, apps and games.

Norton Family Premier

Norton Life Lock is a premium application which is more affordable than other apps or extensions and monitors unlimited devices. Unfortunately it doesn?t have an iOS application and no geofencing safeguards.

ZAC Browser — special needs

ZAC Browser for Windows is specifically aimed at safe searching for children with autism. Given their special needs, these children will interact with information in unconventional ways and this browser is optimised for protecting them while giving them the information they require.

Tips for staying safe online

Whether your children have just entered the online sphere or are socialising with friends digitally, the following steps are advised to keep them safe online:

Report exploitation

If you suspect that an individual or application is exploiting children, please report this to:

Should you believe that one of Interexcel World Connection's clients or affiliates are exploiting minors, please inform us of your concerns by contacting us on

Though we may not break privacy obligations set by ICASA and POPIA, we are also legally and morally committed to keeping all South Africans safe and will inform the relevant authorities of criminal activity shared with us.

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